Upgrade your weapons in this roguelike defense shooter to shoot your way alone or with up to 4 friends in coop through endless hordes of different creatures and levels. Test different strategies to survive the early game and feel like a god in the late game.

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In Zombiepede, you'll be sent on various missions alone or with your friends to destroy countless creatures so that the Earth can one day be inhabited by humans in peace again. You'll encounter different types of enemies, which you'll confront with currently 14 different weapons. During a mission, you can choose from over 100 offerings to upgrade your weapons or use special abilities. Once you've taken out enough creatures, you'll be able to call in the rescue ship, which will hopefully free you from your situation in time. Stay longer to earn more medals and unlock new levels. Or fight against each other in versus mode if you want to get revenge on your friend for always stealing all the red goblins. The game was designed for controllers and the multiplayer mode can only be played with such.


  • 1-4 players Coop
  • Hordes of Enemies to destroy
  • Rogue Like Weapon Upgrade System
  • Challenging Levels and End Bosses
  • High replay value
  • Test different strategies
  • Each player can level up his hero individually and unlock different badges, weapons, skins, profiles and special achievements.
  • Intense rescue moments
  • Versus Mode with additional rogue like elements
  • Twin Stick Shooter but also Mouse+Keyboard support
  • Made with Unreal Engine 5

How to play the game?

Each level has different phases: You must survive the early game and earn a bronze medal to be able to call your rescue ship. This way, you bring your medals and points home and unlock new levels. In the mid-game, you try to earn better medals to take even more points with you. If you overestimate yourself and don't get rescued, you lose your medals and 30% of your points. Alternatively, you can stay even longer (after earning gold) and face the late game to improve your high score and leaderboard entries and collect more achievements.

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